"Brannenizing" New Clarinets

Preparing a new clarinet for use in today's demanding playing conditions requires the technician to take into consideration a number of factors in order to achieve the best possible result.

Clarinets undergo many changes between the factory and the player. Steps must be taken to re-adjust key fitting and spring tension to facilitate easy and comfortable key action. Key heights and openings must be properly set. Clearance at tenons is created for smooth assembly: this also helps in crack prevention. Pads are changed to get the best seal possible. Cork pads are applied to the upper joint for longevity and clarity of each note. We hand make all bottom joint skin pads; these pads are not available commercially. They can last ten years with proper care with no buzzing or vibration.

We use modern materials, such as Teflon, in areas of the mechanism where cork bumpers do not stand up. These are one-time applications which do not have to be replaced. These modifications have been in use over 25 years. They are tried and tested under all kinds of playing conditions and playing habits.

After all of the above modifications have been made final assembly is completed. During this process we apply our unique acoustical balancing, which produces an improved response, evenness, and resonance throughout the entire range of the clarinet.

Our servicing is unique because we co-ordinate all of the above steps into a finished product utilizing the skill and experience of over 40 years of service to the finest clarinetists in the world.